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someone please stop me


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guys please I need a favor don’t ask questions just follow @errk_does_work if you have an instagram


Has anybody thought about the PDS youtube community though?

Sure you’ve got your extremist stuff, but I’ll bet you the top videos would be something like:

"tutorial: applying coverup makeup"

"shit non-risen people say to PDS sufferers"

"PDS jackass stunts"

"tips on pretending to eat"

"queer pds girls looking for queer pds girls"

"sorry for vlog hiatus I died"

"how to pass as living in job interviews"

"watch jack eat his own leg"

August 26th, 1991 

"Short version: Not dead.”


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There’s just nothing for me here.

…There’s me.


I found it! Castiel drawn in scribbles. Except it needs to be like five feet tall.

CASTIEL IN EVERY EPISODE: 4x03; In the Beginning


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